Blog Planning

So, in my journey to getting my life organized, business ideas started, getting my name out there, working a full time job, and finding time to work on designs for myself, I find it hard to keep up to date on posting to my blog.

I typically only post when I have something of interest to put up, but it’s not on any sort of consistent manner. So, that’s now on my list of things to work on.

Doing a little research I came across a few free PDF downloads for planning out blog posts.

1. Indie Fixx – Clean and simple laid out in a traditional calendar style.

2. Living Locurto – More decorative design in a standard page format.

I guess the idea is that you plan them out over the weekend, write them up and schedule them accordingly, forget about it during the week (unless of course something else exciting comes up that you just have to post about), and then do it all over again the next week.

So, since I have some blog organizing tools, I guess I need to start coming up with things to blog about! And hopefully it will be more frequently. Next, I have to figure out how to juggle reading all the Twitter posts from people I follow and post on my own Twitter on top of all this!


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