I Want That | Letter W

I love Etsy. It’s a great place to support handmade and buy one of a kind and unique items.

I’m obsessed with collecting Ws. Not just because it’s the first letter in my name, but because I’m a graphic design and appreciate how every W is different depending on what typeface is used.

Here are a few Ws on my want list from shops on Etsy:

  1. Wire W from kristinemays
  2. Moss W from SpottedLeopard
  3. Crackle Paint W from compulsivecollection
  4. Horse Shoe W from AlteredIron

Most of the Ws I buy are from Anthroplogie or Michaels. I’ve gotten a few old woodblock letters in my search and I’m always on the lookout for more! Eventually I’d like to get some old light up store sign letters and once I get a house of my own, one wall in my studio will display all the Ws I’ve collected over the years.


One response to “I Want That | Letter W

  1. We all have our obsession! You’re lucky, you have a healthy one! 🙂
    Welcome to WordPress!

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