Local | Make Buttons!

Craft Chemistry, located on North Salina in Syracuse, is having a button making workshop!

Join us for the next Craft Lab: Button-Making Friday, October 8th, 7–9pm. For $10 you can make as many 1-inch buttons as you can (with your choice of pin and/or magnet backs), while supplies last. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Craft Chemistry is a really cute little shop that sells handmade goods and art. They also offer classes and workshops, with an occasional show opening here and there.

You know, I should really talk to one of the owners and see if I can get some of my stuff in there…that is of course when I have some stuff put together!

Another Upcoming Events: Craft Chemistry CircleWe periodically meet and experiment on individual projects such as hand-sewing, knitting/crocheting, jewelry, variety of print-making, bound books, greeting cards, photo-collaging, computer art, painting, etc.

Upcoming Craft Chemistry Circle’s on Friday: November 5th and December 10th from 7–9pm.  Chemists need to bring supplies & materials for their own experiments (and optional voluntary snack and/or drink to share.)  New lab partners are always welcome!

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