Local | Fall Foliage Run

Now that I’m an official member of CNYJEEP.ORG, I finally got to go on my first jeep trip! The second annual Fall Foliage Run was on Saturday, October 2. I had a blast and although I almost didn’t go, I’m definitely glad I did.

We started out by meeting up at 6 am at Pilot in Liverpool. After one more meet up in Fort Drum and a pit stop at Nice ‘n’ Easy in Star Lake we were officially on our way with around 90 Jeeps! It was really neat driving in a long convoy down the highway. I wonder what other people thought when they saw us all with CNYJEEP.ORG stickers adorning our cars.

Our first destination was to the ESF Ranger School. There we stopped at The Landing to regroup and hear some information and history about the Ranger School and the forest around it. We had a bunch of stops within the school, like the Reservoir and the Fire Tower.

Since it poured in the days before our trip, most of the trail were rather muddy, so we got to do some mini off-roading through the mud and muck as well. I think a few jeeps had a little too much fun doing that and ended up coated.

After the Ranger School we headed to Wanakena, a very small town with about 50 or so people, and walked across the suspension bridge. I do not recommend doing that, it moves under your feet and I felt pretty sick to my stomach afterward. I guess I shouldn’t sign up for ship duty anytime soon.

We stopped on the side of the road randomly and walked about 39857394867 miles to check out the Benson Mines, which I guess has recently undergone some transformation because it was just a lot of sand and hills…that’s it. Not really worth the walk, but I did take some neat images on the way up there. There was some interesting plant life whose coloring was just amazing, almost neon green, against the fall leaves and white birch trees.

Last AND BEST was the Lampson Falls. It totally made the day! Since it had been raining for days the Falls were a little flooded and the water just gusted over the edge. It was truly amazing!

We didn’t get home until almost 10 pm. I was exhausted and felt like my leg was about to fall off from all the driving, but all in all the trip was a success (minus getting separated from the group twice and having to figure out how to get to the next place).

I’m excited for the next trip. In the mean time, I think I’ll start looking into some customized things for my Jeep and make sure I’ll have it ready to go for some of the next off-roading trips.

It’s a Jeep thing.


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