Inspiration | Cross Stitch + Pixel Art

Being a visual person I’m obviously inspired by a lot of different things. Lately I’ve been fascinated by cross stitching and pixels.

Cross stitching has been around forever, creating intricate designs and images by just the use of little X’s. Move close to it and you see all the details that make up the whole. Same holds true for pixels. Everything digital is made up of pixels, which is why if you blow up a very small image all you get are little blocks. In the world of trying to make everything look perfect, it’s interesting to fall back on and focus solely on the “building blocks.”

  1. cross stitch wall art
  2. creating pixel icons on books
  3. detail of traditional cross stitching design
  4. pixel art painting
  5. tile that creates a floral design using the concept of pixels

Using this inspiration I’d like to do a surface pattern design (or a few) that plays with these ideas. Maybe even a few that just incorporate aspects of small X’s and blocks. I’ll get sketching and see what I can come up with.


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