Local | Lipe Art Park

A lesser known art space in the Syracuse area is the Lipe Art Park.

“Formally an abandoned train yard, Lipe Art Park is located along West Fayette Street in the Warehouse District of Syracuse, New York and is now the city’s first art park and public green space open to the community for personal recreation and public gatherings, and for the development of, display, performance and appreciation of all forms of art, in order to facilitate public/community engagement with the ecological and cultural life of the city and beyond. The park’s first exhibition was curated by Evolution Studios in June 2006 and featured a collection of artwork from emerging, mid-career, and established artists. The park’s second exhibit was titled agriCULTURE from the farm to the city, and opened on October 21, 2007. agriCULTURE, an exhibition of images, essences, evocations, and ideas from the farm environment presented in an outdoor urban setting, was organized by S.U. VPA Professor, Dennis Earle and Landscape Designer and Planner, Jeanie Gleisner.”

Image shows a piece created by: A Collaborative Project of the Stewards of Lipe Art Park and Brendan Rose

Location: If you want to come to the park for a lovely afternoon stroll, you’ll find us along West Fayette Street, between Geddes Street and Oswego Street in Syracuse, New York.


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