Fab Find | Lilipad Creations

I ordered some custom color purses from Lilipad Creations for my mom and little sister for Christmas.

  • Got the Tess Satchel for my mom and picked out one for myself. A girl can never have a big enough purse!
  • The Betsy Bag is for my little sister. Which I got with a really cute modern floral/bird pattern and pink leather!
  • The Girlfriend Gift Set is a present to myself, but I’ve wanted one for a while and thought I should just get everything all at once.

I love these bags. They are very well made and are just soo cute. I’ve had the Kristen Bag for almost a year and you can’t even tell I’ve used it. The quality is great and I would definitely recommend getting your handmade bags from Lilipad Creations! Lots of styles and colors to choose from.

Beth, the owner, also has a line of adult and children’s clothing, as well as hats, hair clips, and super cute designer shoes. Check out her full website here.


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