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I’m ready to get started on my indoor garden!

Using containers from my recycling bin, I re-purposed them to be pretty planters around the house. This way I’m being eco-friendly and don’t have to spend money on actual pots!

Here’s how I made these:

  1. Thin hemp string (bean can)
  2. Strips of red magazine pages (jalapeno slices can)
  3. Folded strips of dark magazine pages (baby corn can)
  4. Fabric strips (queso dip jar)
  5. Ripped up pages from an old book (margarine tub)

All the pots except the hemp string are sealed with matte medium for added protection and there are holes poked in the bottoms (except the jar) for drainage.

I’m excited to get some plants going in them. Maybe an herb garden for the kitchen?…We’ll see.


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