Shop | Magazine Bowls

I’ve decided to do the Westcott Street Cultural Fair this year. In figuring out a wider variety of items to sell I got carried away with making magazine bowls! They are all turning out super cute and I’m currently working on playing with different shapes.

They will be offered in Small (5″ diameter), Medium (7″ diameter), and Large (9″ diameter). I probably won’t offer them for sale on my Etsy shop until after the fair in September, but if I get enough made I’ll put up a few.

Some other items I’m working on currently include:

  • Lucky star earrings: made from magazine pages
  • Beaded earrings
  • Fabric earrings
  • Paper Sphere earrings: made from scrap paper
  • Pin back buttons with original patterns on them

I have a few other items I’m going to put together as well. But you’ll just have to wait and see what they are!

Shown: (Right) Medium, (Left) 2 stacked Small


2 responses to “Shop | Magazine Bowls

  1. I LOVE these!

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