Design | SSIC

I am currently going through the Entrepreneur Assistance Program (EAP) at the South Side Innovation Center (SSIC). Along with that I was the designer that created the Near Westside Initiative Business Association’s logo. So, I believe that it was because of my networking with these two groups that I was given the opportunity to work on marketing materials for upcoming events at the SSIC.

I created 3 postcards and 1 poster for 2 upcoming events and 1 general information piece about the SSIC…All completed within 48 hours of being given the project. They had a very tight deadline and budget. I was able to adhere to both.

I think all the design turned out great and I was told that everyone was raving about them! So, I look forward to doing more work for them in the future and I would definitely recommend looking into their available business programs and events. They offer a plethora of training, resources, information, and assistance.  Overall a great organization that every Syracuse entrepreneur and small business owner should be involved in!


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