Fab Find | Feed Your Soul

Indie Fixx is not only a great blog, but a great resource. Jen has put together a bunch of “projects” that she encourages her readers to participate in.

One of which is the Pen Pal Project. I’m happy to say I now have a few new pals that I get to send snail mail to. And I’ve gotten pretty close to one in particular (Hi Tara!).

She also recently started putting out Joie Magazine.

Joie is a new online magazine that is all about the art of joyful living. It’s a lifestyle mag and covers art, craft, living, design, fashion + more. It’s edited by Jen Wallace, the editor behind the blog Indie Fixx.”

And to go along with my theme this week of artist appreciation…she also has Feed Your Soul: The Free Art Project. Which is where you can download free artwork from a variety of artists.

Feed Your Soul is a free art project. Each month artists are invited to participate and to contribute a print which is totally free and available for download.

This project is coordinated by Jen Wallace of Indie Fixx to help art lovers feed their souls with art in these difficult economic times and to help artists promote their work.

New prints are added on Mondays as they become available.

Remember, art can free your soul!

Peace, love, art and happiness…”

I love this project because it provides me with a way to have beautiful art pieces to display for free! Check it out for yourself and see what you find.


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