SPD | Sold

Some of my original surface pattern designs that sold at the April 2011 Printsource show in NYC!

Always looking forward to the next upcoming show. It’s always interesting to see what companies buy.

Hopefully I’ll have more samples of the designs in use this year. I always keep my eye out for them. =)


One response to “SPD | Sold

  1. Hi,
    My name is Larry Donnelly and I subscribe to your blog. I have a manufacturers’ rep business and I sell custom graphics to interior designers and architects. I am actively searching for a vendor who prints custom design wall coverings. They should be able to print up to 54″ wide and be able to print on both Type I and II vinyls as well as other wall covering materials ( grassclothes, fabrics, canvas). Do you have any body or even several companies who you work with or have sold your designs to? I could see having customers looking for custom looks from time to time, how much do you charge or how do you price out creating wall covering designs? Please contact me at my email: the3drepgroup@comcast.net.


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