Craft Fair

The count down to craft fair day has begun. I’m busily putting together all the details of my display and building up my inventory.

I put this banner together for a small trade show I attended recently and it’s my first step in branding my booth at the craft fair. The banner hangs down the front of the table and drapes over the back…no hooks, tape, or adhesive required.

My various handmade items will sit on top of the banner, which will help to hold it in place. Instant easy to set up branding for my booth.

I bought a used sheet from Salvation Army that has a subtle pattern on it that I will use to cover the table itself. Adds a little extra interest (I think) rather than having a plain white table cloth. I’m borrowing a 10’x10′ tent from a friend that will help with the heat and protection of my handmade items. Still trying to decide if I want to add a curtain to the back of that and/or a banner to the outside front…we’ll see.


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