I Want That | Patterned Rain Boots Project

Found on Print and Pattern:

designer jessica swift is currently trying to raise the funds to create this first ever line of jessica swift rain boots on kickstarter. kickstarter it turns out is a new way to fund creative projects through “all-or-nothing funding”. anyone can donate to the project, and if the project raises the target amount in the specified time, everyone’s credit cards get charged and the project moves forward. If the money isn’t raised, no one gets charged and the project doesn’t go forward. people who pledge donations to the project in exchange receive rewards like jessica’s artwork and boots. these images show ideas for mock-up boots which are just examples of which patterns jessica might use and they will also have hidden, inspiring messages on the inside, so they’ll not only be pretty on the outside, but they’ll also make you feel good. see much more about the kickstarter project online here.

If you can, help support this project so everyone can benefit and get some funky new rain boots. I know I’m in the market for a new pair!


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