Funky Flea | Take 2

The Funky Flea is at it again! 2nd 2011 Funky Flea happening on Saturday, August 27th on the Northside of Syracuse, NY. The lot is located on Prospect Ave, off N. Salina and Butternut Streets.

Yes yes yes!! Yes. YES! Due to popular demand and our own craze for another funky flea kind-a-day, the PATF-er’s have summoned the 2nd FUNKY FLEA of 2011 to appear on Saturday, August 27 >proudly on the Northside of Syracuse!< Oh yes dearies, the volume will be turned UP pretty high with a generous portion of international food delights (only found on the Northside) and music to jam to ALL DAY. We’ve teamed up with our friends from Northside UP, so you know it’s gonna be SPICY and GOOD! More nitty-gritty details to follow.

Vendor applications are being accepted now until August 10th. Get yours in today, I already did. =)


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