Reuse Everyday Things

Here are some ways to give everyday things a second life!

  1. Hang a picture with a soda can tab (Image Source)
  2. Start a plant in a CD spindle case
  3. Reuse coffee grinds by adding them in your garden and 50 more ideas for everyday items
  4. Glass Jars: planters; containers for dried pantry items (like rice, pasta, beans, etc); vases; drinking glasses; leftovers; candle holders
  5. Plastic food containers (margarine, cream cheese, etc): leftover food storage; lids can be placed under plant pots to catch water or protect furniture
  6. Old socks, towels, t-shirts that cannot be donated can be used for: cleaning; pet beds; packing fragile items for storage and 10 more ideas for everyday items
  7. Egg cartons: Paper: plant starters; organizers. Styrofoam: freezing individual portions of food (especially for homemade baby or pet food)
  8. Toothbrushes: cleaning; scrubbing tile grout; scrubbing stains on clothes
  9.  Shower Curtains: drop cloth for painting; table/floor protector for kid’s craft time

The list can go on and on, but these are a few to get you started. Before you throw anything out, take a minute to think about how it could be used again or if it can be recycled.


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