How Can I Recycle This?

Here are a few ideas to recycle some of those difficult items:

  1. Plastic bottle caps: Caps Can do allows you to mail them your caps and turns them into new products;  Aveda – used to have a Recycle Caps program, but I can no longer find any information about it so it may have been discontinued; You could also save them to make crafts, such as: stringed together for curtains; magnets; jewelry; pin cushions; mini planters; art.
  2. Shoes: Nike’s ReUse a Shoe program collects athletic shoes of any brand, as long as they do not contain any metal, to be made into new shoes. You can mail them shoes if you are not near a drop-off location.
  3. Ink Cartridges/Toners: Advantage Cartridge allows you to earn money for your returns. A great fundraiser idea and there are a variety of companies that offer this. Most also accept cell phones. Look carefully into the programs though, many charge you for “overweight” packages or not including enough of the proper types of cartridges, which in turn could have you paying them to recycle your items.
  4. #5 Plastics: Gimme 5 program accepts donations of #5 plastics that usually are not accepted for regular recycling pick-up. Syracuse accepts #5 but only in the form of plastic containers such as margarine or cream cheese. Lids and unusual shapes are not accepted, so I have a collection set aside to send to Gimme 5 soon. You can mail items if you are not near a drop-off location.
  5. Tires: Innovative Waste Recovery is a company that caters to NY, PA, MD, NJ, and CT, but recycling tires is now common and you should be able to ask your mechanic where you can do it. Buying retreaded tires is also cheaper than buying new, so always ask for that option to save a few bucks and still get a great tire (Check out the “How It’s Made” Season 5 Episode 4 to see the process)

What you can recycle in Syracuse, NY: PDF Download

How Can I Recycle This? is a great website that gives lots of ideas.


One response to “How Can I Recycle This?

  1. Aveda still recycles caps but you have to leave them with a corporate office and not a franchise…in Cleveland the store is in the Beachwood Mall.

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