We Bought A House: The Auction

July 31st: The day of the auction. We were nervous wrecks, so afraid that we weren’t going to get the house and not really knowing what was going to happen. We were the first to arrive at the court house and patiently waited for the auction to start.

There ended up being about 6 different groups of people there to bid on the house. When the auction started the bank made an opening bid and there was silence. “Blondie” – a woman who our bank buddies (you will learn more about Dan and Denise soon) told us goes to every auction because she works for a big contracting company – put in a bid and things got rolling.

We bid, then Blondie bid, then there was silence which seemed to go on forever and right when I was about to freak out (Neil was doing the bidding)…we bid again. Back and forth with Blondie in increments of $1000, then we went up $2000 and she finally shut up.


Up until this point Blondie and Neil were the only ones doing the bidding. The house needed a lot of work, and all the other people there were looking to get it cheap and flip it, so they probably decided to quit as soon as the bank came in with their opening bid.

Then, out of no where “Cell Phone Guy**” put in a bid $500 more than our current bid. I could have screamed. Neil was quite again, for what seemed like an eternity, and then he jumped up $2000 again.


Going Once…

Going Twice…

Going Three Times…



**Cell Phone Guy: A random man who shows up talking on his cell phone to look at the house while we are viewing it with the bank guy (Dan), doesn’t have an appointment, doesn’t introduce himself, and sends his wife and son into the house to look around with no one knowing, and then just as randomly leaves…Supposedly he lives in the neighborhood, so if we ever run into him, we’re giving him a bill for $2000.


After the auction we spent the day celebrating, then it was back to business. Now we had to figure out the closing details. We had to order a new Abstract and Survey of the house, get the rest of the purchase price money together, get home owners insurance, and talk to more banks about the Home Equity loan.

With the help of our lawyer friend Tom, who showed up at the auction with us and took care of all the paperwork and title headaches, we got everything together we needed for the closing so we could get a nice clean deed in our name.

On August 24th Neil signed his life away and we got the keys to our new home!


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