The First Weekend: Aug 24 – 26

When we finally got the keys to the house we couldn’t wait to get started. But, with so much to do, it’s hard to figure out where to begin.

Friday August 24th: Got the keys and went to our new house for the first time. Didn’t do much, but walk around, take some pictures, and think. We did pop a bottle of champagne, that we forgot to drink on our anniversary, and celebrated.

Saturday – Sunday, August 25th – 26th: We got down to business.

I got started inside, vacuuming all the spiders and cobwebs, pulling out nails and old curtain hardware, and giving everything in site an initial wipe down.

Neil and Zack (his brother), got started in the yard. Everything was overgrown. They ripped out the rotted board area where a dog had been kept, cut down gross and dead trees, and pulled out the crazy bushes in my future garden area. The grass was over a foot tall (a code violation waiting to happen) and we ended up only giving the front lawn a first pass since the backyard was covered with brush by the time we got the $35 hand-me-down mower on Sunday afternoon.

Before we ended the day on Sunday, Neil helped me remove the doors off all the closets in the bedrooms on the first floor of the main house. Then he got to do some demolition. The shelving and rods of all the closets were old and pieced together with random wood and hooks, so everything had to go.

We also bought our first pieces of furniture. On Saturday it occurred to me that we have nowhere to sit and relax when taking breaks…everything is just so dirty that you don’t want to touch it…so we bought some really comfortable lawn chairs at Walmart on sale for $20 each. Ended up with blue ones to go with the future color of the siding…I liked the red ones better, but everyone must compromise.

We also met some of our neighbors, all of which are really nice so far, and received our first house warming gift from a neighbor…Chocolate Raspberry Sundae Topping – Yum!

All-in-all we think it was a successful weekend. For now we are going to continue to clean and clear things out. The first major project to tackle is the basement, but The Basement Man is busy with some other projects and won’t be able to start for a week or two. I’m sure we can find other projects to keep us busy for the time being.


2 responses to “The First Weekend: Aug 24 – 26

  1. that was not our first housewarming gift btw…dans gift bucket of goodies was!
    Hope u got pics of that!

    • That’s why it said “first housewarming gift from a neighbor”, but no we never got a picture of the bucket of goodies from Dan…however we do still have the card that came with it that will be going in the scrapbook. =)

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