Project: Front Porch

We’ve started our revamp of the front entry. We repainted the front porch: railings with exterior satin finish white paint and the decking with red barn paint. It had previously been red, and since we got gallon of red for free from a friend who had it laying around, we figured it would be good fit for now. And I actually quite enjoy the red against the greens and greys of the front yard.

We found a bunch of slate slabs around the property. Most of which were used to line a very shabby and poorly constructed fire pit in the backyard. So, I tore up the asphalt walkway (which came up rather easily with a shovel and some elbow grease…I did it myself, so it couldn’t have been too hard…just took me 2 hours) and laid in the slate slabs. Now I just need to add a bit more dirt and grass seed and it will be a nice little walkway that’s also easy to mow over.

We still need to paint the trim around the door and large window to the left  and maybe even repaint the door with the leftover red. But it’s definitely a good start and already makes the front of the house look soo much better.

We won’t be keeping this set up forever. Eventually, when money allows and the more important projects are taken care of, we’ll completely redo the front entry.

Here’s our idea:

The plan is to redo the siding in a blue/grey color and redo the roof with black shingles, which will lend nicely to having the deck of the porch in a medium to dark grey color with the railings, columns, and trim in white. And a nice yellow door…can’t wait for my yellow door!

I was thinking that we’d use composite decking. It’s a little more in upfront costs, but you never have to sand and repaint or stain it and it’s more eco friendly then having to replace it later on due to deterioration. However, we’ll have to see what our budget’s like when the time comes and research more into our options.


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