Fences & Spiders

We took out the fence! There are a bunch of trees that we have to get cut down. One is about 90′ tall and so dead it looks like a telephone pole, another is growing over our roof and may even have roots growing into our foundation, and a few others are just in the way of a future fence and yucky looking.

The tree guy said that we had to remove the fence around any tree we wanted them to take out. Rather than removing some sections and leaving the rest, we pulled out the whole fence. It was an old chicken wire type of fence, so we weren’t too upset about it. Plus, we were planning on replacing it with a nice wooden privacy fence eventually anyway.

The fence is now removed and sitting in an over-sided dumpster in our driveway waiting to be scrap metaled….I’m sure we’ll get a good $5 for it…hahaha. But the yard sure does look a lot better without that old rusty fence.

And I wanted to share some of the yard nastiness that I’ve have to deal with.

These are the types of gross, nasty, super fast, scary, huge…did I mention gross and scary and HUGE…spiders that have taken up residence and had babies all around the house. They are called funnel-web or grass spiders. I guess they aren’t really harmful to humans, but there is no way I want them around my house, or touching me, or living in my plants, or getting within 100′ of me…gross. (Professional Shot Image Source)

Luckily with the B4 (all natural) bug spray we have…(from Neil’s dad’s company Green Cleaning Technologies. Check it out. Works great on all sorts of bugs)…and clearing out all the overgrowth seems to have gotten most of them to either move on or die out. I still poke the plants with a stick and check for movement before doing anything. But, it’s getting better.


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