Mail Call

We got our first mail at the new house! Okay, so it’s a school tax bill…but still exciting!

I had seen the mail lady a few days before and let her know that we live there now and should be getting a tax bill soon, reminded her where the mailbox was, and told her our names. I was outside when she dropped of the mail, so she said “It came today,” and then laughed when I got so excited about it. But hey, it’s our first piece of mail in our first house. It is exciting!

However, it’s interesting to think about the things you’ve never considered and now have to consider with owning a home. A mailbox, for example, I’ve never thought about having to actually go and buy a mailbox before. There has just always been one there.

A doorbell is another thing I’ve never thought about. Ours had a missing button, so we bought a new face plate for it. Neil picked out one that glows, so a night time you can see exactly where the button is. It’s actually really cute.

It took me about a week to realize that we did already have a mailbox. It’s inside the garage and is the kind where you put the mail through a slot on the side of the house. Personally I hate mailboxes like that. For some reason Neil enjoys it and wanted to keep it. I repainted it, so at least it would be nice and clean to use for now. But, I’m hoping to talk him into getting a nice looking one to hang by the front door when we redo the siding and add the new front entry (Check out the future plan here). Here are a few I liked:

  1. Modern Mailbox with Address Numbers: Love this style, but I think I’d do it without the numbers. I want to get sleek large metal numbers instead.
  2. White Galvanized Steel Wall Mount: More modern styled classic wall mounted. I like the white (will match all the trim), but the smooth surface also lends to being wrapped in a fun vinyl graphic….I’m thinking a large stylized floral.
  3. Stainless Steel Wall Mount Mailbox: Clean metal look with an interesting dip on the lid (probably functions to drain water off the top).
  4. Whitehall Mailbox: More traditional look. I hate it when mailboxes say “US MAIL” on it, obviously it’s a mailbox, but once we redo the entryway and porch, this would probably match really well.

A few others:

  1. Singo Letter Box by Blomus: Love the modern look, a bit pricey, but I’m not sure how you would put outgoing mail in a mailbox that locks…actually I don’t know how I would do that with my current mailbox either…
  2. Blink Modern Wall Mount Envelope Mailbox: Plain white that can be dressed up with vinyl graphics and I really like the fact that it looks like an envelope.

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