Rain Rain Go Away & New Exterior Choices

For a house with a leaky roof and basement and no gutters, rain is not our friend.

It was pouring all day, so Neil strategically placed buckets and bins all around the house to catch some of the access rain in the problem areas. The buckets had to be emptied out into the yard multiple times an hour to keep up with the heavy rain fall.

Now our interior work is on hold until we have the roof replaced and basement finished. But, BIG NEWS, we are now going to redo the vinyl siding and add the portico/front porch at the same time!

Originally we weren’t going to get to the siding and front porch done until maybe next year. But our roof guy said that when he replaces the roof he’s going to have to rip off a lot of the existing siding off, so if we had a plan to replace it, now would be the time. Otherwise we would have to pay to replace the removed pieces, which wouldn’t match the white that’s there because of the age difference…and why pay for new patches, when we’re planning on replacing anyway?

We headed over to the roof/siding/decking showroom and picked out some really nice options…without must disagreement too!

Here’s the plan:

I’m not exactly sure how we’re going to do the new portico and porch. Check out the original idea here (Idea #1). Or I was thinking (Idea #2) that the porch could extend out past the large “future bay window”. That way we could add seating. But most likely we will go with Idea #1, due to cost and the fact that I don’t think Neil cares if there is the ability for seating on the front porch or not. But a girl can dream right?! =)

Either way, I’m super excited about all the exterior updates. Although it’s too bad that we did all that work to make the existing front porch look nice only to replace it a month later, but oh well.


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