Project: Exterior Remodel Day 3 & 4

Day 3: New black roof shingles installed over garage area and in-law suite side of house. Metal roof and old shingles underneath ripped off from front area. New front porch support installed and old front door ripped out.

Day 4: New black roof shingles installed on front area. Front porch posts and framing built. Back of house old metal roof and shingles removed.

And Code Enforcement Violation received….Turns out we need a permit in order to build a new front porch. You learn new things everyday being a first time homeowner!

On the town’s website it didn’t say anything about front porches under their list of items needing a permit. So, we thought we would be fine without one because we were just replacing an existing porch. We learned that if we had rebuilt the new porch to the exact specifications of the existing porch a permit would not have been required. But, since we slightly enlarged the size and added a portico the town does require us to get one.

HOMEOWNER TIP: Call the town about any building project to double check whether or not a permit is required. If you find out you do need a permit after the project starts you must stop the project immediately. You could also potentially need to rip things out and redo them if it was not properly built to code, which costs you more time/money. So, plan ahead and do your homework!

So, the porch remodel is on hold until we finish the paperwork and get the permit processed. But, luckily (according to the Code Enforcement Inspector) we were already building it to proper code, so we won’t have to rip anything out and redo it.

At least there is a lot of other work to be done with the roof and siding, so we won’t be missing any working days by waiting for the permit.


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