Project: Sun Porch

One part of our exterior remodel project is refinishing the exterior wall of the sun porch. It’s currently in shabby shape, inside and out. Supposedly the previous owners used it as a room for their cats…so needless to say, it needs some TLC.

So, here’s the plan:

  1. New painted chevron floor (see below for more details). Current wood floor is painted light blue, so it will need to be sanded down and refinished.
  2. White wicker furniture with bright modern patterned cushions (which I most likely will sew myself…unless I find a deal on something I like).
  3. Chair rail with beadboard all around perimeter, painted white. About 32″ up or ending where the windows start.
  4. Built-in cabinets to windowsill height with shelf to hold my plants.
  5. Wall color: Olympic Paint – Clay Pot A26-5…this was originally going to be the accent wall color in the living room, but with our proposed remodel plans, there isn’t a good wall to use this color on, so I figured why not use it for the sun porch?!
  6. New glass door and windows for weatherproofing and because it will look really nice. =)
  7. New sliding glass door from sun porch into the eat-in kitchen to replace the current shabby door and 1950s pull out double window/door/opening thingy…it’s actually pretty neat looking, but not insulated and would probably cost a fortune to refurbish to make useable.
  8. Existing built-in shelves will be refinished and painted white to match all other trim.
  9. Existing window will stay for now (I think), but will eventually be replaced with a matching sliding glass door that opens into the living room.

I haven’t fully decided how exactly I’m going to do the chevron floor. It may depend on what the wood floor looks like once we sand it down, but here are a few ideas.

  1. Paint white chevron pattern. Stain floor afterwards. (DIY tutorial)
  2. More subtle, white and grey painted. (Source)
  3. Bold, black and white painted. (Source)
  4. Light and dark stained. (Source)

OR…a lower effort solution…I could paint the floor black and put down a large black and white chevron patterned area rug.


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