Project: Exterior Remodel Day 10 – 15

Day 10: Window trim started and remaining insulation installed. And our porch permit went through! Woo Hoo! The Code Enforcement department said that we had the most in-depth porch permit application that they’ve ever seen. So, we got our permit in less than 2 days: turned in the application on Tuesday afternoon and picked up the permit Thursday morning. Neil got a little overly excited and took that wonderful picture to show all of our friends…and then immediately removed his added message. 😉

Day 11: Rain…..

Day 12: More trim went up around the garage and windows. Concrete stairs to the in-law suite side entrance were jack-hammered out and more of the foundation was mudded.

Day 13: Rain…again…Which has been driving us nuts because it just pushes back the day we finally get to see some siding! Grrrr…

Day 14: More edging and trimming. Concrete stairs to the sun porch jack-hammered out and foundation mudded…Is “mudded” even the correct term? Re-cemeted? Patched? Whatever it is, that’s what was done.

Day 15: More trim and edging. All of the thick white corners put up. Doors, windows, and hardware came in. Leaky gas pipes repaired in the basement, which means we can now check to make sure the furnaces work so our pipes don’t freeze. And a sneak peak at what’s up next……**drum roll please**……BLUE SIDING!


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