Project: Blue Siding & Yellow Doors

Day 16: The day has finally arrived when we finally get to see some blue siding! It really turned out to be a wonderful color. Neil did a very good job picking it out. There isn’t another blue like it the neighborhood. We will definitely have a very unique house.

Doors & Windows: Our first batch of doors and windows came in. The 3 windows in the upstairs Bedroom #4 were in desperate need of replacement. We won’t have to worry about lost heat from that room anymore.

Since we discovered there was a hole for a window in the bathroom, I definitely wanted to get one put back in. We ordered a nice frosted privacy window that will bring much needed natural light into the tiny bathroom in the main house.

Our new front door and in-law suite side entrance door will replace the old, rotted out ones, are insulated to keep the weather out, and will be painted YELLOW!

For the sun porch, we have the door ordered, but need to order 4 windows, once we figure out exactly what size they need to be. Then there are 3 other windows (2 in the garage and 1 in the in-law suite) that we need to decide if we want to replace now or next year.

Next, we have to order a sliding glass door for the wall between the sun porch and eat-in kitchen.

Then, later down the line, replace the large front living room window with a bay window so I can have my window seat. As well as replace the window between the living room and sun porch with a sliding glass door. But, these aren’t high priority, so they probably won’t be done for at least another year.

Yellow Doors: The first paint color we bought for the house. I was a bit nervous when I actually opened the can and saw that “WOW, it is really Yellow.” I’ve never actually picked out brightly colored paint before. Even though paint is one of the easiest things to change in a house, it’s still a little scary to actually put a color on something…especially something as noticeable as a front door.

But, I finally got to start painting our yellow doors and I’m so happy I went with this color. Once they are finished, with the black hardware put on, they will really pop against the blue siding. We did get a few “ewws” and “yellow?” from people, but I have a vision and I know everyone will love the finished product when they see it. And if they don’t, then they just won’t have to come over and look at it.

BONUS: Our neighbor was getting rid of her wicker couch and thought we might want it. I was super excited that she saved it for us because it was one of the pieces I was missing…and now I have one for free, which is even better. I have 2 wicker chairs and thought a full wicker set for the sun porch, painted white, would be wonderful. Now I just need to find a coffee table, paint everything, and sew some cushions.


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