Project: Exterior Remodel Day 20 – 26

Day 20 & 21: Rain…It’s been great that Clark’s Home Improvement has been able to do all this work later in the season, but it does suck when we get rain days.

Day 22: Work started back up on the front porch with the roof framework being installed! I actually stood there and watched the guys work for about half and hour. It’s amazing to see something being built from nothing. I wish I was more handy.

Day 23: Roof of front porch and recessed ceiling light installed. Got our free cedar shake siding that Clark had leftover from another project and thought we’d like. It’s going to be used around the front entry porch and sun porch. I wasn’t totally sure about it being around the front porch because of its coloring…I planned the entire entryway around the blue siding color. I guess after a few years the cedar drys out and turns a gray color, but I still think I want to paint it blue.

Day 24: More progress on the front porch. Cedar shake siding installed on the front soffit.

Day 25: Edging around front porch and our new yellow front door installed. Cedar siding started around sun porch.

Day 26: Remaining cedar siding and bead-board style ceiling panels installed. I’m still not totally sold on the color, but we’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it, so we must be doing something right. Sun porch framed in and 2nd-story dormer edging finished. Had a few troublesome trees removed. And the cement block for the in-law suite side entrance stairs poured, so we got to leave our mark on our house. =)


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