Project: Exterior Remodel Day 27 – 29

Day 27: Installed more cedar siding to sun porch and started window trim. Turns out the porch door we ordered wasn’t sized correctly, so that was sent back to get cut down. In-law suite side entrance door framework installed.

Day 28: The mailbox slit into the side of the garage, that Neil had to have was cut and framed out. I think it would have looked nicer if we just used a real mailbox on the front porch, but if we don’t like it later down the road we can always pop out the vinyl siding strip and replace it. Yellow in-law suite side entrance door installed (I helped install the door knob =) ) and light hooked up.

Day 29: Remaining front porch posts put in, grey composite decking installed, and one column sleeve finished. I just love the look of that grey composite decking…a pricey pick, but we’ll never have to deal with sanding and staining, so I think it’s well worth it. This is going to be an amazing looking front porch when it’s finished!


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