Project: In-Law Suite Bathroom

We have finally made a few decisions and are starting the remodel of the in-law suite bathroom, which once finished will bring us a step closer to moving in! Since it is going to take us a while to get the whole house finished, we are going to move into the in-law suite first and fix up the main house over the course of the next year.

So, here is what we’ve picked so far for the bathroom:

  1. Chrome vanity light…picked up for $2.50 at the Habitat for Humanity Restore…awesome place to get new and used building materials
  2. 30″ vanity with euro style sink in espresso
  3. Glacier Bay faucet we got for only $20
  4. Penguin toilet with overflow protection
  5. Bootz Maui porcelain finished steel tub
  6. Creamy tan tile we got for 1/2 off and will be installed in a nice diagonal/diamond pattern
  7. Wall Color: Valspar Jalapeno Jelly #6005-6A…a very fitting color for my sweetie who loves all things spicy
  8. Some sort of 5.25″ high baseboard molding painted white

We were originally going to put in a surround, but when we brought it home it looked okay except for the gabs all over the place. I guess you’re not supposed to caulk about a plastic surround?! Which I thought was weird and made me very nervous that we would end up with wet moldy walls behind the tub area…So, after some huffing and puffing we decided that we are going to tile around the tub like we had originally wanted. It will add a few hundred dollars to the total cost, but it should provide a much better looking finished product.

This whole process is a huge learning curve. And I never realized how many different options there are for EVERYTHING…Where should the outlet be located? Should there be 2 or 4 plugs? How wide should the grout lines be? What color should the grout be? Sanded? Unsanded? Plug or switch for the bathtub drain stopper? 1, 2, or 3 handles for the shower? Recessed medicine cabinet or wall mounted? Ceiling vent fan with or without a light? Where should we vent the fan? Do you insulate the tub? What kind of insulation do you use? What pattern do we use for the tile? Should the tile texture face all the same way or be staggered? Rectangle or square tiles for the wall? Do we want a decorative accent stripe? What pattern do we want for the wall tile? Straight or curved shower bar? Double or single bar?…The list goes on…

And this is only about an 8’x5′ bathroom! I can’t imagine all the things we’ll have to consider when we get to expanding the bathroom in the main house. Wow!


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