Project: Sun Porch Exterior Finished

finished sun porch

Door and windows came in and the sun porch exterior framework is done! In the Spring we will paint the stairs grey, to match the color of the front porch decking, but eventually we’re hoping to replace these with a full deck and hot tub. So, for now the stairs are just temporary.

We went with a door that has interior blinds so we can have privacy in the room when we want it and don’t have to worry about hanging (or cleaning) blinds or drapes over the door area. I’m not exactly sure what kind of window treatments I’m going to put together for this room. Lately I’ve been thinking that a bamboo slotted roll up blind would look nice, but we shall see.

The inside of the sun porch will be completed after most of the main house work is done. It’s great to have this room, it will be wonderful to sit there and have my morning coffee, but it’s not particularly high on the list of things that need to be done and it’s not like we can’t use the room as is for now. But, here is the link back to the plan for the finished product: Sun Porch.


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