Final Bath Demo

final bath demo part 1

We finally finished the remaining demo of the in-law bathroom.

Part 1: Ripped out the ceiling. There was metal mesh bracing all around the wall to ceiling corners, which turned out to be a real pain to remove. Since we currently don’t have access to the attic crawl space above the in-law suite, we had no idea there was insulation above the ceiling, especially not the cellulose kind. Neil was quite surprised when it all suddenly fell down like a big cloud of dust.

So, it ended up taking him twice as long than expected since he had to continuously stop to clean up the insulation before moving onto the next area.

final bath demo part 2

Part 2: The next day we got some help from The Amazing Dan. They were able to remove all the last remaining drywall, nails, and fallen insulation, then it was time for the floor.

I even got my hands dirty and became a floor ripping out machine…”I am Woman. Hear me Roar!” =)

It was freezing that day, so please excuse my ridiculously bundled up appearance. Once I got the 2 top layers of flooring and some cardboard (yes, wet, old, soggy, gross cardboard) the boys were able to pry up the 3/4 inch ply wood on the bottom and we were finally finished with the demo project.

Now the real fun can begin!


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