DIY Wire Wrapped House Numbers

I’m back. Needed to take a little break from the ridiculousness that has become our in-law bathroom remodel project. To get myself back into the mood to fix up the house, I decided to start working on our house numbers.


So, here’s how I created our DIY Wire Wrapped, One-Of-A-Kind, Super Awesome House Numbers.

house numbers

  1. Gathered wire from some electrical cords that we removed. The wire was thick enough to hold its shape when bended, but not too thick that it was difficult to work with (if I had to guess I would say it was a 12 or 14 gauge)
  2. Created my template. Printed out the numbers in the size and font I wanted and roughly marked in where to place my nails for the template.
  3. Placed paper template onto block of wood and hammered in nails.
  4. Continued placing nails all around the number to create my template.
  5. Began wrapping wire around the outside of the number to trace the initial shape and get a frame going.
  6. After the shape was traced I wove the wire back and forth (creating a zig zag pattern) around the nails.
  7. Next, I wrapped the wire around (over and under) the previous layers of wire “trapping” the traced shape and zig zag pattern layers inside the outer wrapped layer. Stick the wire tip between the wood board and previous wire layers, pull it through, bring it up and around, and stick it back under between the wood board and previous layers on the same side you started.
  8. I continued wrapping the wire around the entire number, cut off the extra, and tucked the sharp end in.
  9. I removed all the nails.
  10. Then, I lightly hammered the entire number to help keep all the layers together.

front porch

Total Cost: $0…using all tools and materials I found around the house

Total Time: 3 hours (about 1 hour/number not including prep of font/size selection and paper template planning)

Neil was skeptical at first about me making the numbers for our house. He told me that if they looked bad I wasn’t allowed to use them (although I probably would have put them up anyway when he wasn’t around…and waited to see how long it took him to notice…).

But, they came out so much nicer than I expected and better yet…cost nothing! I love them, he loves them, and my mother has already put in an order for a set for her house.

Now all I have to do is spray paint them white (so our new siding doesn’t get rust stains and the numbers are more visible) and hang them on the front porch. The woven wire naturally creates nice openings to put nails/screws through, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to hang them as soon as we get a nice day.


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