2013 House Project Goals

2013 house project goals

There are loads of projects that we will be working on throughout this next year. We were hoping to be moved into the in-law suite side by now, but we’ve had a few delays…So, #1 on the list for 2013 is to Finally Move Into The In-Law Suite.

Here are some things that need to be completed before we can move in:

  • finish bathroom remodel
  • paint bathroom & install baseboards
  • finish kitchen sink replacement
  • refinish and paint doors for bathroom, bedroom, and closets
  • make sure there is enough power for our computers and such, and it’s hooked up properly
  • figure out a few window treatments
  • install drawer liners in kitchen (from my custom pattern design that Neil will print)

Once that is accomplished and we are moved in, finally, I can start to focus on the long (and always being added to) list of projects I would like to work on around the house..

  • hang our wire wrapped house numbers (DIY tutorial here)
  • learn how to mud and finish drywall and Neil will learn how to hang it properly
  • find 24 (affordable) glass knobs for in-law kitchen cabinets
  • refinish and paint all interior doors…maybe even adding decorative trim to our slab doors when the budget allows
  • paint exterior door in garage & replace knob
  • install slate tiles in entry & around fireplace
  • start vegetable garden & make wood pallet fence around it
  • landscape in front and back yards
  • paint floor in sun porch (in prep for IKEA rug my mama is gonna get us! =) I was going to paint a chevron pattern on the floor, but I couldn’t pass up having an IKEA rug instead)
  • paint wicker furniture for sun porch & buy (or sew custom) cushions…maybe an IKEA fabric to match the rug?
  • paint sun porch exterior door
  • build built-in cabinets under windows in sun porch
  • build headboard for future master suite from old wood shutters

This is not even close to the full list of projects that needs to be done, but it will get me started. I will, of course, upload progress posts as we go, so stay tuned, it will be a very busy year!


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