Project: Interior Doors

Inlaw doors

I’m refinishing all our interior doors. They were all the original stained wood slab doors. Most of them were dinged and scratched and needed a bit of TLC. I really like the slab doors, so we decided to refinish them, rather than replacing…saves us money and why replace nice, old, solid doors with new cheap crap!?

So I sanded them down, patched them up, and painted them Benjamin Moore “Espresso Bean” brown. Originally I was going to paint them black, but we eventually want to refinish the hardwoods in a dark stain and black only matched 1 stain option. We aren’t ready to decide on a floor color, so I went with the brown instead, which looked great with every available stain color, so we’ll have lots of options when the time comes.

I also spray painted the original hinges, which are the nice solid brass hinges with the big knobby pins. You just can’t buy that quality anymore. I painted them silver, because I hate the gold color, and with the new silver knobs everything is coming together wonderfully so far.

I may add some decorative molding to the doors later, when the budget allows. Just to give them a little more character. But, they look really nice as is, so we’ll see how I feel after they are put in place.

I’ll post finished pictures when we have them hung. =)


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