Inlaw Closet Upgrade Progress

We have been making slow continuous progress on the inlaw suite the last few weeks. It’s amazing how many little projects (that take forever) are still left to do, but we are getting closer and closer to actually moving in. Very exciting!

So, here is the progress we’ve made so far on updating the closets.

Living Room Closet:

Living room closet inlaw

We decided to rip out all the closets because they were old, dirty, and in shabby shape. This living room closet on the inlaw suite side also had pieced together plywood flooring and duct tape used instead of a transition strip.

I cleaned and patched the walls and ripped out the baseboard. I was able to find a box of Pergo flooring at the Restore for $5. It doesn’t match the shade of the hardwood floor, but it’s a huge improvement from the plywood and once we put shoes and such in there you won’t even notice the difference. There are even still a few sheets of Pergo leftover for use in another closet, if need be. Now we have to find the right kind of floor transition piece, put in new baseboards, and figure out a new rod/shelf system.

We also tested our door trim skills, figured a closet is a good place to start, rather than a main door. Came out okay, the top piece ended up a little crooked, but for our first attempt I was happy. And Neil finally got to pull out his chop saw and new nail gun. =)

Bedroom Closet:

Bedroom closet

The inlaw bedroom closet was the same deal…old, dirty, and in shabby shape. This closet however, just needed a fresh coat of paint, new trim, and new shelving…the hardwood floor extended into this closet, so no extra work there. Dan was able to assist Neil this time in the trim work. With his help things turned out pretty much perfect…he is a very handy guy to keep around. =)


Next Step: Paint trim with finishing coat, install newly painted doors with replaced knobs, and install the closet rod/shelf systems.


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