More Little Progress Projects

more little project progress

A few more little projects that we’ve made progress on:

1) Putting the stove in place. I picked this beauty up from Restore for about $175. Yes, it’s a used stove and I had to scrub the crap out of the inside, but buying a new stove for the inlaw suite was not in the budget, so it worked out perfectly. And once I give it a few more rounds of wipe downs it will be like new!

2) Started the knob swap. The existing knobs in the inlaw suite kitchen where gold (I hate gold) and white and covered in dirt and grime from the previous owners. I knew I had to change them. I gave myself a budget of $2 or less per knob and started my search. Not finding anything that really “fit” and was in my price range, I suddenly realized what I wanted. Vintage Glass Knobs! I’ve been on the hunt ever since and managed to get 12 of the 24 needed knobs paying $1 or less each! We might have to keep a few of the gold ones to start off with until I find all the glass ones I need, but I just love how they look and am very glad I went this route.

If you have any glass knobs you’d like to donate to my cause I’d be more than happy to take them off your hands!

3) Put in the framework for the built-in linen closet (first step of progress here). Unfortunately, we’ve reached the point where we need a table saw…which we don’t currently have. So, this project is on hold until we figure out how to move forward in a cost effective way. But, basically we need to put in the support bars that the shelves will sit on; cut/install the shelves and trim from 1/2″ board; paint everything white; then install the refinished cabinet doors (with new glass knobs here too).

More exciting updates coming soon!


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