The Bathroom Debacle: Part 2

After all the issues so far with the bathroom remodel (See: The Bathroom Debacle: Part 1) we were starting to realize that we weren’t going to have a perfect looking bathroom, it would be a little wonky, but hopefully when the project was done all the gaps and weird areas would be filled. Then we could do little touch-ups here and there as needed.

We weren’t thrilled, but at least we would have a bathroom.

And then the tile was grouted…

bathroom debacle part 2

1) Before the grout, the shelves installed: Because Guy (made up name) was a sloppy SOB, the areas he left for the shelves were not cut properly and there was already dried goop in the hole. So, when he installed the shelves they did not lay flat against the wall like they should have.

2) And then there was grout: All of the sudden he grouted the walls. I saw it the very next day and already it was cracked, not applied thick enough, had bubbles and holes all over the place, wasn’t applied to all necessary areas, and just looked like crap.

3) No two grout lines the same: None of the tiles were placed straight or with even spacing, so when the grout was applied, those imperfections stuck out like a sore thumb. And (again, since the wall was never built out) there was still a gap between the wall and the tub…

4) I still see a stud: He grouted BEFORE filling the gaps on the sides of the tub. How the hell are you going to fill those spaces now?

5) Slipped tile? No Problem: The tile that slipped out of place because it wasn’t applied with enough adhesive…left as is and grouted.

6) Drainage bubbles: A freshly grouted tile wall should not already have bubbles, cracks, and holes in it…I’m sure if I had asked him about it he would have said they were for drainage…like every other gap that showed up in this bathroom…because ever good bathroom needs drainage…right?

7) No one likes straight lines: Since none of the tiles were cut or installed straight all the grout lines were uneven, leaving ridiculous looking areas around the entire tub.


I freaked out…again: At this point I had my second meltdown about the bathroom remodel. I called Neil and bitched about the incredibly awful job Guy had done on the grout. How the holes on either side of the tub had still not been filled and how the new grout already had cracks and bubbles and voids all over the place.

He called Guy and asked what’s up. Guy informed him that you never get the right amount of grout on the first go, that it needs a few applications…WTF!?

We called a professional:

Neil called an old friend that was a professional tile layer for a second opinion. Originally we hadn’t called him because we weren’t aware that he could put up drywall and hook up the toilet and blah blah blah (running into the original hiring multiple people dilemma). But, at this point we had to figure out what the hell was going on with our bathroom.

And it was a disaster…A complete and utter disaster.

The tile professional informed us that everything had been installed wrong. EVERYTHING. That we could let Guy finish the job, but our ‘new’ bathroom would start to have serious water issues within 5-6 months!

That was it! GUY HAD TO GO!

Neil called Guy, explained the situation (how we weren’t happy, we had a professional look at it and they said it was going to fail, blah blah blah) and we would no longer be in need of his services. To this day he still doesn’t understand why we fired him and thinks that he did everything right.

And now we have to start over again to make things right….

Up Next: The story of our (second) bathroom remodel


3 responses to “The Bathroom Debacle: Part 2

  1. I think Guy is painting my living room right now.

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