The Bathroom Debacle: Part 3

It was now time for us to rip out everything that needed to be replaced. For the tile around the tub, this was demo #3. We weren’t thrilled about moving backwards, again, but we knew for sure that this time things were going to be correct.

The FINAL bathroom demo:

bathroom debacle 3

1) The floor ripped out: It took Neil less than an hour to rip out the floor down to the subfloor. LESS THAN AN HOUR! Granted the floor had not been grouted yet, but still, you should not be able to rip up tile flooring that easily. There had been 3 different mortars used on the floor, all of which were the wrong kind.

The mortar for the last few tiles, that had been installed to fill in remaining gaps, was still wet after a week and pulled right up by hand (and wiggled while in place). Not 1 tile was broken during the removal process and the Ditra (orange stuff) underneath buckled and pulled right off the floor. Turns out the wrong mortar was used to secure that to the subfloor too.

Note: You’re not really supposed to use Ditra in a bathroom, but if you do use it there is a special kind of mortar that MUST be used in order for it to stick to the plastic properly.

2) Tile removal started: The bullnose tiles pulled off easily, even after being grouted. Which we found out the wrong grout had been used. Since there were such huge, uneven spaces a sanded grout should have been used instead of a non-sanded which is for 1/8″ joints and smaller. I don’t think we had a 1/8″ joint in the entire bathroom (unless you count the slipped tiles)…that would have been asking too much.

As you can see it doesn’t look like very much mortar was used to secure the tiles to the wall in the first place. Which is probably why we had tiles slip out of place (along with the fact that no spacers had been used).

The shelves also pulled out easily and the mortar, again, was still wet after more than a week. Guy used the same wrong mortar on the floor tiles and the wall shelves. How we were supposed to successfully use shelves that pulled right off the wall (after being grouted) is beyond me.

3) The walls removed: The boys were able to get some of the tiles off and since none of the walls had been seemed at the edges, it was easy for them to pull off the Durock sheets as whole pieces. And there was no damage to the tub!

Now that we were down to the studs, for the 3rd time, we cleaned up (which included scraping clumps of crap off the tub…Guy was a slob and has left globs of mortar and grout to dry and harden all over everything, rather than wiping it up as he went), we were ready for the professional to come in.

Next up: The new tile bathroom transformation!


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