The Bathroom Debacle: Part 4: The Final Frontier

First: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Neil if you’re reading this…I hope you remember to get some delicious cupcakes from the cupcake lady today! =)


Okay, back to “The Bathroom Debacle: Part 4”

When Neil first called the Tile Professional, he told him all the background info and the problems we had been concerned about. The Tile Professional had come to look over the damage and said that everything was so much worse than he had expected and probably the worst tile job he had ever seen. Coming from someone who’s job it is to lay tile…that’s bad.

We should have hired him to start with, but you live and learn. At least he was able to help us out now.

So, here is how the final bathroom tile was born:

bathroom debacle 4

1) New walls installed: The tub was re-installed, leveled, and secured properly. New boards were hung for the walls. And, finally, the wall on the left side of the tub was built out to eliminate the weird spacing.

2) New floor installed: The proper board was used as a base for the floor and new tiles were installed. We changed the tile because: 1) we didn’t really have enough left over to redo the floor and 2) the original tiles were natural stone, which I guess is not great to use in a bathroom because it requires constant resealing to keep it from discoloring and retaining water…which the tile store neglected to inform us when we specifically asked whether or not they were good to use in a bathroom when we bought them.

3) New tile walls installed: The new wall boards were actually sealed before the tile was installed! It’s a miracle! We went with a subway tile with a thin strip of tan tile. We had to change it up from the original because we didn’t have any of the square tan tiles leftover and the subway style tiles were a cheaper and more classic look. I love how it turned out and it matched the floor nicely.

For once all the tile was straight with even spacing…it’s amazing how excited I was about something as seemingly simple as straight tile.

The shelves were reused. I was able to clean of the still wet mortar and just about get them back to their original out of the box state. They were properly secured to the wall and since the tiles was cut properly the shelves actually layed flush on the wall with no weird gaps around the edges.

4) No more side gaps: Since the left side wall was built out (finally, like I wanted) and the right side wall board was properly installed up to the tub, there were no more huge gaps on the edges! What a difference it makes.

5) Grout: The grout was applied properly, in 1 go, leaving everything looking very professional. The tub to floor seam was covered with a rubber strip, providing a clean, crisp seal.

FINALLY our bathroom is really coming together…and all within days, rather than 2 months! Which is when we began the project to begin with. We’re so happy that we took the time to redo it properly. It’s made a huge difference and has alleviated all the stress and anxiety we both felt about the project.

If anyone needs a tile guy let me know, this one comes very highly recommend!

Now it’s our turn to prime, paint, and install the vanity, mirror, toilet, light, and finishing touches.


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