Painting the Bathroom

Now that the tile and floor is finally done, it’s time to move forward with the remodel. Before I could do any painting I touched up the seams and edges of the walls with joint compound and sanded everything down to a smooth finish.

Then the fun began:

Bathroom Paint

I primed the walls and ceiling with Kilz primer. I think I ended up doing 3 coats to get full coverage on the drywall…if it wasn’t new drywall I probably could have had it done in a coat or 2 max.

Neil and Dan installed the door trim and I painted that with a semi-gloss white paint (which I will do to all the trim and baseboards in the house).

I painted the ceiling with a semi-gloss white paint. You always want paint with some sort of gloss finish in a bathroom for easy cleaning and because of all the moisture it will be exposed to. I’m not a fan of high-gloss anything, so I tend to go with a semi-gloss when it’s required.

Then there was color!

Bathroom Paint 1

We chose Valspar Jalapeno Jelly 6005-6A in a semi-gloss finish. It was the perfect color not only because I thought it was the perfect green color for the bathroom and goes great with the brown/tan and white colors of the accessories, but also because of its name. Neil is a huge fan of anything spicy, so since the inlaw suite will eventually be his man cave/office, I thought it was very fitting for him to have a bathroom painted in a “jalapeno” color.

And with the espresso colored vanity, espresso bean colored doors, and eventual habanero red colored accent wall in the main house living room, we are starting to get a nice little food theme going. I wonder how many other food colors I’ll be able to pick out for the rest of the house…Challenge accepted! =) (maybe some of you HIMYM fans will get that reference)


It’s definitely an adventure painting in color. Since working on this house, it occurred to me that I’ve never actually painted anything in color before. Everywhere I’ve lived the walls were already painted or I didn’t really have much of a say in the color selection. Typically, at my apartment, I paint decor accent pieces in white and everything so far at the house has only been primed.

So, I was super nervous when I opened the can of bright yellow paint when I did the exterior doors. Hopeful that everything would be okay, when I painted the interior doors brown. And second guessed myself for a split second before putting my first stroke of green on the bathroom wall.

It’s an adventure every time, but I think I’m 3-for-3 so far on picking out colors. We constantly get compliments on our yellow front door, the interior doors will provide nice contrast and will look great against the eventual dark stain of the wood floors, and I am totally in love with the green of the bathroom. So far I think I did good. =)


2 responses to “Painting the Bathroom

  1. We also just finished painting our main bath in Florida green, although more of a subdued aqua green to match the ocean. You’re doing an amazing job!

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