It’s Really Coming Together

Things are really starting to come together. We should be able to set up an official MOVING DAY within the next 3 weeks. Woo Hoo!

Here’s what we’ve been up to…


coming together

Closet shelves and rods installed. Our closets are much narrower than standard closets, so we had to come up with our own custom set up.

I installed the rods myself…using the screw gun and everything! I’m on my way to being a power tool queen. =)

We also hung the refinished doors with the “new” vintage knobs.

Still To Do:

  • Install the door closure magnetic hardware
  • Hang door on living room closet
  • Clean


Dining Room Built-In:

coming together 2

Finally figured out how to put together the framework for the built-in shelf in the dining room. Now I just need to figure out where I want the shelves. I figure it will mostly be used for knickknacks and some artwork, so I’ll probably just need a few shelves…uneven placement might be nice.

Still To Do:

  • Install Shelves
  • Paint / Prime



coming together 3

The bathroom is functional! We swapped out the valves, hooked up the toilet and vanity, and hooked up the tub. This project has been going on for so long I was afraid to be able to actually use it. But, it’s really coming along and looks great.

Still To Do:

  • Hang the mirror, towel rod, toilet paper roll, and accessories
  • Put up the curtain rod and curtain
  • Hang artwork
  • Find bath mat
  • Hang door
  • Eventually: find cabinet and/or floating shelves for above the toilet
  • Clean

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