To Do Before The Move

to do before the move

Since we are getting SO VERY CLOSE to being able to move into the inlaw suite I thought I’d put together a list of the last few items we still need to finish.

To Do Before the Move:

  • Finish Bathroom (install mirror and accessories; hang rod, curtain and door; finishing decor details)
  • Dining Room built-in (install shelves, paint)
  • Kitchen Storage Nook (install 1/4 round, paint)
  • Kitchen Floor (replace flooring transition strip…which was accidentally broken, but needed to be replaced sooner or later anyway)
  • Kitchen Drawers (install custom printed drawer liners)
  • Replace vents (maybe replace baseboards too?)
  • Linen Closet (paint, install doors)
  • Kitchen Door Entrance (replace lock)
  • Prime all walls
  • Cleaning, Cleaning and more Cleaning

We’re hoping to knock off most of the “building” items over the weekend. Then we’ll just have to clean, put a fresh coat of primer on the walls, and schedule the official moving day!


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