We Moved!

moving day

We moved!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates. But, we moved in March and then took a much needed break from working on the house while we got settled into the in-law suite apartment.

Moving day was rather easy. Neil’s brother and dad and our friend Dan helped us out. We didn’t have all that much stuff, since we did only move into the in-law suite. The majority of my stuff I left at the condo, so it’s now just my big storage unit. But, we brought the big essentials and have been picking up other things here and there as needed.

It’s so wonderful to finally be in the house after all those months of working on it. It was actually really weird the first few nights, having it be our new home. I almost felt like were weren’t supposed to be there, that it was just the place where never ending work was done…But those thoughts are behind me now and I’m excited to finally be living here and now to get back to work!


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