April Brings Yard Work

april yard work

Now that we’re a bit more settled and the weather is getting better, it’s time for yard work! We made a lot of progress the end of last summer clearing out all the overgrowth and brush, and this year it was time to finish it up and start over.

  1. Torn down the old pool deck. It wasn’t a terrible deck, but since we don’t have a pool and aren’t planning on putting in a new one anytime soon it was just an eye sore.
  2. Started my first vegetable garden. I always am looking for ways to reuse things and do stuff on the cheap. So, the support posts for my new raised garden beds are the spindles from the old pool deck. The side frames are going to be wood pallets = completely free raised garden beds!
  3. We finished clearing out the branches and muck from the garden area on the left side of the yard. The difference is amazing and makes the yard look a lot bigger.
  4. Now it’s time to work on my landscaping skills. Starting from my old sink turned bird bath, I have lots of plans for this lovely area.

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