Evolution of the Porch

porch evolution

The original front porch of the house has come a long way. Here’s it’s journey:

  1. Original front porch in need of some attention.
  2. Painted the front porch in an effort to make our new house look a bit nicer from the street.
  3. Added a new walkway (front slate tiles found in the yard) and some plants for a little extra curb appeal.
  4. Porch was removed to make way for new covered porch construction (we hadn’t planned to do it so soon, but it made sense with all the other work being done).
  5. Porch moved to the backyard because I had big plans for it.
  6. That’s where it sat all winter.
  7. Removed the railings and placed them in the ground to create edgers for my garden area.
  8. One on either side.
  9. Full view of area.
  10. Then painted the spheres on the spindles yellow, to match the color of the doors.

I love how they ended up…Much nicer than I thought. I think it creates a unique garden feature and allows us to keep some original elements of the house. Better yet, Neil and the neighbors like it too, which is good! Didn’t want them to be offended by all the “stuff” I’m planning on putting in my yard.

Now it’s time to add some plants!


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