More Yard Work

After just 2 weekends working in the yard, Neil and I are slightly sunburned and both have wonderfully attractive farmer tans.

more yard work

  1. The pile of wood left from both the old pool deck and the old front porch. Rather tiny in comparison to what the structures used to be.
  2. Stairs from the old pool deck. I’m planning on using this as a tiered self for potted plants in my vegetable garden area.
  3. First coat of paint went on the hand-me-down wicker couch our neighbor gave us in the Fall. I thought hand painting the first coat would help save cost on spray paint, but it fill in all the gaps as well as I was hoping, so I’ll just have to keep an eye out for deals on spray paint.
  4. Neil got a new toy for his birthday!
  5. My pile of grape vines waiting to be used. First project is going to be building a base around the sink bird bath.
  6. The Yard (as seen from back back looking towards the house) It’s coming along very nicely.

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