There is a lot to do. Not everything will be done right away, or even within in the next year, but here’s the current hit-list:

  • Basement: Rip out what’s currently there, repair, fix leaks, paint
  • Roof: Rip out poorly constructed tin roof, replace with black shingles
  • Siding: Replace with blue/grey colored siding
  • Entry: Rip out porch, add portico with columns, replace and paint door yellow, replace floor, redo closets, paint
  • Garage Entry: Replace floor and door
  • Garage: Finish walls, paint, rebuild work benches, replace doors with 1 large bay
  • Kitchen: Rip out and redo
  • Eat-In: Fix ceiling, replace door and “window-door” to sun porch
  • Sun Porch: Build exterior wall with windows and door, paint floor/walls, build built-in cabinet under windows, refinish wicker furniture
  • Living Room: Sand/Stain floors, clean/paint fireplace, replace windows to sun porch with French doors, replace front windows, paint
  • Master Bedroom (Bedroom #1 & 2): Tear down walls of 2 rooms to make larger, add master bath, add his/her closets, sand/stain floors, paint
  • Bathroom: Rip out and redo, paint
  • Bedroom #3/Office: Redo closets, sand/stain floor, paint
  • Stairs to 2nd Floor: Redo, paint, redo floor on landing
  • Bedroom #4: Redo floor, redo closets, replace windows
  • Bedroom #5: Rip out carpet, redo floor, fix window leak, redo closets
  • Stairs down to In-law Suite: Sand/paint
  • In-law Suite/Man Cave Office: Replace counter tops in kitchen, tear down wall(s) to make larger room, rip out carpet in Bedroom, repair side entryway steps, rip out and redo bathroom, redo closets, paint, sand/stain/fix floors
  • Yard: Clean out brush/dead trees, install deck/patio, replace wire fence with 6′ tall wood, add vegetable garden, landscape

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