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Autumn Decor

WRKDesigns: Autumn Decor

A peek at our Autumn decorated front porch. I just love Autumn! The smells, colors, decor, sweaters, it’s by far my favorite season.

DIY Autumn Wreath:

  1. Wreath frame was created using grape vines found in the yard.
  2. Faux flowers, leaf garland, and burlap ribbon purchased from Michaels.
  3. I assembled everything as I liked it and secured items down with wire, so at the end of the season I can remove everything and reuse the wreath frame again…or reorganize this design again next year.

Now it’s time to add some pumpkins and gourds!


Guest Spot: DIY Chalkboard Backsplash

I certainly get my crafty, creative nature from my mother. Check out what she did for her kitchen backsplash!

DIY Chalkboard Backsplash - WRKDesigns

Step 1 of her kitchen makeover: A perfect idea for people who can’t decide on one design. Creating a chalkboard backsplash allows you to change your kitchen whenever the moment strikes you.

Here is an example of classic black, but chalkboard paint now comes in a variety of colors, plus the many color options of chalk, the combinations are endless. Stencil or hand draw on designs and you’re good to go.

The End of Our First Summer

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted any updates on the house. Time seems to just fly by. It’s hard to take care of everything all the time.

But, here are some of things I worked on this summer…

2013 Yard

  1. Finally hung up the wire wrapped door numbers I made from scrap wire around the house. See the DIY Tutorial here.
  2. Got the garden growing nicely.
  3. Used the unused tiles (that originally were going to go into the in-law bathroom) as pavers around the raised beds. Neil said I could take the garden all the way back to the fence line, so I’ll have to thin out the pavers next year to get them all the way around.
  4. Put in the front walkway pavers. The slate tiles I used were all found around the property! Next year I’ll start the landscaping in the front.

I was very proud of my very first garden. I’m expanding it next year in order to get more yield and plant more varieties. But, check out some of the vegetables I got!

2013 Veggies

  1. Zucchini and bush beans (aka: green beans…pole beans/snap peas didn’t do so well, might not plant those next year).
  2. 2 huge zucchini and 1 cucumber on the left (ended up with about 8 huge zucchinis and 10 or so cucumbers total for the season)
  3. More bush beans and some celery (which I regrew from a store bought stalk)
  4. That’s a big zucchini! Definitely planting more of them next year so I can make some breads!

We also ended up with lots of tomatoes, cayenne peppers, herbs (rosemary, parsley, cilantro, basil, thyme, sage, marjoram), 1 bell pepper (that I will be picking in a few days), yellow squash, spaghetti squash, and lettuce.

The watermelon and pumpkin plants got eaten. The swiss chard, kale, and acorn squash didn’t grow (I had them in another part of the yard, so I’ll have to rethink their positions next year).

All in all I think we had a good summer. Hopefully I’ll have more interesting updates to share soon.

2013 House Project Goals

2013 house project goals

There are loads of projects that we will be working on throughout this next year. We were hoping to be moved into the in-law suite side by now, but we’ve had a few delays…So, #1 on the list for 2013 is to Finally Move Into The In-Law Suite.

Here are some things that need to be completed before we can move in:

  • finish bathroom remodel
  • paint bathroom & install baseboards
  • finish kitchen sink replacement
  • refinish and paint doors for bathroom, bedroom, and closets
  • make sure there is enough power for our computers and such, and it’s hooked up properly
  • figure out a few window treatments
  • install drawer liners in kitchen (from my custom pattern design that Neil will print)

Once that is accomplished and we are moved in, finally, I can start to focus on the long (and always being added to) list of projects I would like to work on around the house..

  • hang our wire wrapped house numbers (DIY tutorial here)
  • learn how to mud and finish drywall and Neil will learn how to hang it properly
  • find 24 (affordable) glass knobs for in-law kitchen cabinets
  • refinish and paint all interior doors…maybe even adding decorative trim to our slab doors when the budget allows
  • paint exterior door in garage & replace knob
  • install slate tiles in entry & around fireplace
  • start vegetable garden & make wood pallet fence around it
  • landscape in front and back yards
  • paint floor in sun porch (in prep for IKEA rug my mama is gonna get us! =) I was going to paint a chevron pattern on the floor, but I couldn’t pass up having an IKEA rug instead)
  • paint wicker furniture for sun porch & buy (or sew custom) cushions…maybe an IKEA fabric to match the rug?
  • paint sun porch exterior door
  • build built-in cabinets under windows in sun porch
  • build headboard for future master suite from old wood shutters

This is not even close to the full list of projects that needs to be done, but it will get me started. I will, of course, upload progress posts as we go, so stay tuned, it will be a very busy year!

DIY Wire Wrapped House Numbers

I’m back. Needed to take a little break from the ridiculousness that has become our in-law bathroom remodel project. To get myself back into the mood to fix up the house, I decided to start working on our house numbers.


So, here’s how I created our DIY Wire Wrapped, One-Of-A-Kind, Super Awesome House Numbers.

house numbers

  1. Gathered wire from some electrical cords that we removed. The wire was thick enough to hold its shape when bended, but not too thick that it was difficult to work with (if I had to guess I would say it was a 12 or 14 gauge)
  2. Created my template. Printed out the numbers in the size and font I wanted and roughly marked in where to place my nails for the template.
  3. Placed paper template onto block of wood and hammered in nails.
  4. Continued placing nails all around the number to create my template.
  5. Began wrapping wire around the outside of the number to trace the initial shape and get a frame going.
  6. After the shape was traced I wove the wire back and forth (creating a zig zag pattern) around the nails.
  7. Next, I wrapped the wire around (over and under) the previous layers of wire “trapping” the traced shape and zig zag pattern layers inside the outer wrapped layer. Stick the wire tip between the wood board and previous wire layers, pull it through, bring it up and around, and stick it back under between the wood board and previous layers on the same side you started.
  8. I continued wrapping the wire around the entire number, cut off the extra, and tucked the sharp end in.
  9. I removed all the nails.
  10. Then, I lightly hammered the entire number to help keep all the layers together.

front porch

Total Cost: $0…using all tools and materials I found around the house

Total Time: 3 hours (about 1 hour/number not including prep of font/size selection and paper template planning)

Neil was skeptical at first about me making the numbers for our house. He told me that if they looked bad I wasn’t allowed to use them (although I probably would have put them up anyway when he wasn’t around…and waited to see how long it took him to notice…).

But, they came out so much nicer than I expected and better yet…cost nothing! I love them, he loves them, and my mother has already put in an order for a set for her house.

Now all I have to do is spray paint them white (so our new siding doesn’t get rust stains and the numbers are more visible) and hang them on the front porch. The woven wire naturally creates nice openings to put nails/screws through, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to hang them as soon as we get a nice day.

Happy Thanksgiving | Fall Wreath DIY

Fixing up a house is expensive and we try to save money wherever we can. One thing I love about having a house is the ability to have a different wreath for every season/holiday/event. Being the crafty person that I am, I decided not to buy any supplies, but instead work with what I had lying around.

So, here is my Dirt Cheap Fall Wreath DIY Tutorial:

Step 1: Build the wreath framework. I did this using newspaper and masking tape. Start by making a rough circle at the size you want your final wreath. Next, fold up additional newspaper pages into strips and coil those around the circle, taping the ends as you go so they stay in place, until you end up with a nice thick circular wreath frame.

This is the hardest part of the whole project. You want to squeeze and form the frame as you go until you get the shape you’re looking for, but make sure that you add enough layers to make it sturdy…otherwise it will droop over time and you’ll end up with an oval. I ended up using about 3 or 4 of the free pennysaver mini newspapers that come regularly in the mail.

Step 2: Wrap your wreath framework with something pretty. I had a long strip of fabric already cut, leftover from the edging for the quilt I did a few months ago, so I wrapped that around the wreath and taped it off at the end with more masking tape. I kept the exposed masking tape in one area so I could easily cover it up with my decorative elements.

Step 3: Add decorative elements. I had a container of bowl filler that I bought from Target a while back and some random pine cones. I didn’t have enough to completely fill the entire wreath, so I arranged them nicely along the bottom. I finished it off with some paper flowers I folded and never turned into earrings and some dried flowers from a Fall flower arrangement I bought last year. Each element I adhered in place with hot glue.

Step 4: Hang and enjoy!


TOTAL TIME: About 2 hours

Note: Due to the fact that the framework is made from newspaper I wouldn’t hang the wreath in a place where it will be directly exposed to the elements. Hang it on a porch with a roof or inside a storm door. Or…because it cost nothing you can always just let it do its thing and take it apart to reuse for something else afterwards.

WRKDesigns on Pinterest

WRKDesigns is now on Pinterest! I’m still trying to figure it out, but so far it’s pretty interesting.

Happy Pinning!

More and More Available Products

I’ve been working non-stop getting more and more products posted on my Zazzle shop. I now offer a large variety of different categories and am adding more regularly.

Check out what’s available now:

New Zazzle Shop Wedding Items

WRKDesigns now offers a “Modern Ribbon Wedding Collection” on our Zazzle shop. Features customizable templates for Save the Dates, Invitations, RSVPs, Thank You cards, Address Labels, Table Cards, Place Cards, and a Binder (for planning or scrapbooking).

Check out the collection here. Or check out the full shop here.

WRKDesigns’ Workshop at the Everson Museum

March 31, 2012: 10.30am – 1.30pm

Eco Friendly Wearables

Members $15, Non-Members $20
To register, contact Kimberly Griffiths, kgriffiths@everson.org or (315) 474 6064 x310.

Have fun and be creative in this informal one-day workshop. Transform everyday items such as recycled, vintage, and found objects into unique wearable art. Make pins using zippers and fabric, necklaces made from T-shirts, magazine beads in a variety of styles, and more. Taught by Whitney Daniels of WRKDesigns. No experience necessary. Materials provided, but feel free to bring some of your own special objects to upcycle!