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Eat-In Kitchen Floor

I’m super excited about the potential of the eat-in kitchen since discovering that under the old floors (laminate wood, padding, linoleum, plywood, linoleum layer #2, and more plywood) there was real wood floors!

The final eat-in area will include built-in bench seating with table and a rebuilt wall with full-lite door (maybe another sliding glass door? or simple pocket door?) into sun porch.

Eat-In Kitchen Mockup - WRKDesigns

I won’t know for sure exactly what to do with the floor until after I get it patched up and sanded, but here are some ideas:

Eat-In Painted Floor Ideas - WRKDesigns

  1. Painted design over raw wood in similar color scheme. Source
  2. Fully painted floor with design in reverse color scheme (yellow on white). Source
  3. Stain on stain checkerboard in more subtle stain shades. Source
  4. White washed fully painted floor with hand painted simple design in similar color scheme. Source
  5. White painted design with full stain finish – This is my ideal direction, but if the floor looks too choppy after being patched up I’ll have to go another route. Source
  6. Simple white and grey (or similar color to final cabinet choice) checkerboard full painted floor. Source

So, I’ve got lots of options and I won’t actually make any progress on it for at least a few months (everything else needs to be finished/framed/drywalled before I can start on the floors). But I like to plan and play with ideas. =)


Project: In-Law Bathroom Floor

floor and fan

The in-law suite bathroom remodel project has officially begun!

  1. New insulation and exhaust fan installed.
  2. Dry layout of tile approved
  3. Very first tiles installed
  4. Number of tiles after about 5 minutes…went rather quickly
  5. Floor tiles complete!

Now we need to let this dry and pick out some grout to finish it off. The tile really looks beautiful. Neil made a very good find with these.

Note: The orange stuff is called Ditra. It is a tile underlayment that cushions the floor to help prevent cracking over time. You can use it instead of Durock, apply it directly to the sub floor, and it’s super thin. Now we won’t need to add any transition because the finished tile floor is flush with the wood floor outside the bathroom!